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4 ways to layer a dress

It's dress season! That time of year where it's warm but not too hot. You can wear a short dress and free your legs from pants but can still get a tad chilly during the day. Cue the layering game - I'm obviously a big fan and even if it's not too cold, layering can elevate your dress outfit and create more interest in a basic outfit using clothing you probably already have on hand. Here are four ways I layered a short dress with a strappy top half:


1. fancy to comfortable

I imagined a situation where you've just left an afternoon wedding/event and you're in a nice fancy dress and you want to go to McDonalds but too lazy to change out of said dress. Just add a chunky sweater and Vans. Boom.



2. The artist going to a coffee shop layer

I personally love this look for its fun, carefree vibe. It does make me think of people going to coffee shops with their Mac books while they take a break from art school or running their Etsy shop....something like that. 



3. steal-your-boyfriend's-shirt layer

Self explanatory - layer an oversized button down over a dress. Or buy a shirt 2 sizes larger (this one is a size XL from Old Navy), no boyfriend needed. Double points if it's chambray.




4. the knotted tee layer

Knotting any tee pretty much ups the outfit cool factor, especially of the graphic, slogan or band kind. Plus, depending on where you knot, it cinches your waist in at it's smallest point (read: flattering... if you care about stuff like that). This look can also work with cropped tees if knotting is not your thang. Just pop it on over a patterned dress.


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I hope this post gives you outfit inspiration for how to layer a basic dress and helps you switch up and elevate your everyday outfits.