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How to style a midi skirt

At 5'0 ft. tall, I'm practically a hobbit. Midi skirts are usually in the realm of clothing that I thought I should steer clear from, a) because I would probably never find any that would fit me properly length-wise and b) I thought the length would make me look even shorter. Basically, I thought that the only skirts that would flatter my figure were either mini or above the knee. 

Well, lo and behold, I found this red pleated midi skirt from H&M about a year ago and I actually love the fit on me. It hits right below the knee and above my calf so I can wear it with flat shoes without looking too frumpy. Plus it has an elastic waistband so I could stick to a smaller size which typically is a bit shorter. I usually go between a size 4 or 6 at H&M depending on the fit I want.

I struggled with styling the skirt at first, partly because it was out of my comfort zone, but also because I felt that to balance the mid-length I would have to wear a fitted/snug top. *record scratch and pause* I hate wearing fitted tops. I will wear cropped tops but would rather not wear anything tight that showcases my poochy midsection. Below are 4 ways I styled my midi skirt that does not involve any tight fitting top halves. 


One of my favorite looks involves a shorter to cropped length sweater and sneakers in the fall or early spring. Still warm enough to wear the skirt but cool enough for a thick sweater. 


The second way I styled the midi skirt is for a more dressy occasion - silky, roll sleeve button down with cute gold detailing on the collar tips and leopard print open toe heels. You can also style this with tights and heeled boots in colder weather.


The 3rd look is for a nice warm summer day when you want to look particularly breezy and put-together....I'm envisioning lunch outdoors at a nice seaside restaurant with casual vibes, work with me here. Now since I refuse to wear fitted tops I figured I would go with a simple sleeveless v-neck top that was loose enough but still streamlined because the stripes are the same red as the skirt. To keep the summer vibes and add some texture, I paired the outfit with sueded gladiator sandals in a seafoam color. 


The 4th and final look works for a fun night out when you just don't feel like wearing denim or pants. Something that says "I'm comfortable but I have my shit together". Much like racing stripes add horsepower to a car, black studded boots add some tough street cred to your look. (Kidding, but you get my drift.) I also added a cheeky graphic tee from Zara to dress the look down a little, which is okay because you have some heel in the boot. The tee was a bit on the short side, but not cropped so I kind of struggled to keep it tucked. 


So what have we learned from this post, other than that I have a frequent go-to pose? (Seriously, I don't know what to do with my hands.) Hopefully that all my fellow Hobbits can wear midi skirts and not look too frumpy (of course unless that's the look you're going for). Check out the links below for clothing I used and similar for the ones not available anymore - not affiliated, I'm not that cool.

clothing worn:

Red pleated midi skirt - H&M 

Mock neck sweater - H&M similar

Black button down - Forever 21 similar or you can get these

Leopard print sandals - Steve Madden, similar here

Sleeveless striped tank - Old Navy, similar here

Sueded gladiator sandals - Old Navy

Graphic tee - Zara, not the same but still cool

Studded boots - H&M